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About installation artists and Jewellery designers fung+bedford


We are Angela Fung and Ashley Bedford. Working together since 2003 we have built a multi-disciplinary practice applying our aesthetic to large scale architectural origami.

We work on private commissions for commercial and personal spaces and our projects range from retail window displays to transforming office ceilings. 

What we do

In recent years we’ve become best known for our architectural origami, working with interior designers, architects, commercial developers and galleries to interpret their briefs for designing and installing large scale origami structures.

So whether you're looking for a jaw dropping impact with colourful pleats or something more subtle to enhance your space we are ready to meet to your brief.

Where are we

We plan our work in a converted stable studio in our home in Sussex, filled to the brim with inspirational paper and materials. It's an treasure trove for paper fiends like us and a great place to explore our ideas.

Many of our projects are based in London but we're happy to travel where the work takes us. We have worked in Europe and the US and so packing up our papers and tools is second nature. 

How we work

Our work is very hands on and sometimes hi-tech. Alongside our architectural origami, we create installations and vessels and the work literally flows from our hands. Using simple techniques we intricately score and fold our carefully selected materials such as paper and sheet metal. The materials we choose may seem simple – like Tyvek, a tough fireproof paper for industrial building, but we take this flat material and make an elaborate structure. Translating and challenging form through unusual material inspires our work. It makes us feel very connected to the piece.

Together we now push ourselves to develop our practice, inspire others and challenge the boundaries for abstract and architectural origami as a contemporary art form. And our work has been featured at Somerset House, London’s Saatchi Gallery and Ligne Rosset.

Got a project in mind? We're all ears. 

If you have a project you think we may be able to help with drop us a line using our contact form and we'll be right back in touch.



Angela Fung and Ashley Bedord

If you have a project in mind or would like to know more about commissioning a window display or installation do get in touch.

A bit of background...

I trained to be a concert pianist at the Royal College of Music but after getting RSI I turned to jewellery design, did a BA, and founded my jewellery line in 1999. I turned to Origami for self care - not knowing it would transform the way I worked with metals and my aesthetic.


I’m a trained architect, but was made redundant and learned silver-smithing, a new joy. Angela & I met at One Year On. Our jewellery fed off each other’s ideas. In 2008 we were doing a window display for London Jewellery Week but our laser bed would not cut aluminium. We had to find an alternative. We chose Tyvek – it changed our art and our business.