London Craft Week 2019 - Chinese Laundry

We were asked to create an installation for The Future of Craft exhibition for London Craft Week 2019 at London’s landmark Bargehouse of the Oxo Tower Wharf building.

What began as a practical exploration into how to fireproof our Tyvek for another commercial project, allowed us to see a new dimension for our work when hung vertically. This ‘happy accident’ highlighted the beauty of the underside of our work that is often hidden from view- this was our opportunity champion it.

So that visitors could enjoy all the folds in our work in a new way, we created an experiential installation and designed our panels so that visitors could walk through the swathes of Tyvek as though they were sheets of fabric hanging out to dry.

‘Chinese Laundry’ was made up of 39 panels of hanging Tyvek, each piece was hand folded and up to 3 metres long.

Photography credit: Matthew Booth