London Craft Week 2019 - Waterfall

The hosts of The Future of Craft exhibition for London Craft Week 2019 asked us to create an installation to greet visitors who came to see the exhibition at London’s landmark Bargehouse, part of the Oxo Tower Wharf building.

With an open brief and an incredible space to work with, this was our opportunity to let our hair down and go free form with our design. We moved away from our structured folding to investigate free form cuts and the impact they have on movement.

We knew we wanted to make use of the incredible height of the space at the Bargehouse, at five metres high it was an irresistible chance to go big and really impact visitors as they entered the historic building.

It wasn’t for the faint-hearted, we needed a cherry picker to scale the dizzy high ceilings and install each paperfall. The falls ranged from eight to ten metres in length, ensuring they puddled on the floor in a natural flow.

The slits we made in the scrolls of Tyvek paper created twists and drapes dependent on the tension we allowed, causing the paper to fall effortlessly like a waterfall.

Photography credit: Matthew Booth