Suspended origami ceilings with MoreySmith

After we provided initial designs as part of a pilot project, commercial Architects MoreySmith chose us to design and roll out a unique suspended ceiling system, combining origami and Tyvek for a large scale new office development in London’s west end.

We developed an original concept using folded Tyvek panels to be hung from stainless steel tension cables. The panels were designed to be able to concertina back to facilitate access to the ceiling void. LED strip lights were to run between each panel for efficient lighting systems. 

As work progressed on site we evolved our designs to work to adapt it as the build progressed, working closely with the client and the developers to ensure a smooth implementation. Working hand on like this really allowed us to apply practical solutions to the design be keep its design integrity

The project comprised of 40 office/work room ceilings and feature ceilings for 3 large, open circulation areas, top lit with LED panels.

“Everyone is very happy and had a wow feeling”, the work of Fung and Bedford is unique, and we did not hesitate to work with them as “nobody else does what they do!”
— Michael Kieck, MoreySmith

The project in numbers

  • •6 months production time

  • •1200 linear meters of Tyvek

  • •1800m of stainless steel cable

  • •86,000 hand folds

  • •800 magnets

  • •126,000 square feet of space