Will you support Just a card?

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We're supporting the Just a Card campaign which on the 28th September is, for the second year running, championing small shops and galleries by asking people to think about buying locally and supporting their local businesses.

The Just a Card campaign came about when Artist & Designer Sarah Hamilton saw the quote "If everyone who'd complimented our beautiful gallery had bought 'just a card' we'd still be open" by store keepers who'd recently closed their gallery. 

We're very fortunate to be supported by many of these small stores and galleries who loyally stock our jewellery designs. Without these wonderful folks our jewellery business simply wouldn't have the momentum for us to invest in our materials and give our time to making and creating new work each year.

We attend design fairs and the money we invest in the shows, the packaging, our signage, how we get there is all hard earned through the sales of our jewellery - it's the loyal support from our customers new and old that allow us to reinvest and keep our work alive and give us the opportunities to be part of shows like Handmade in Chelsea which we're at next month. 

Buying something as small as just a card from small shops or independent galleries can make the difference between these stores thriving or going under, It might not seem much but a regular contribution of something so small can be a real lifeline for not just that store or gallery but the makers and designers they support too.

So next time you think about passing by your lovely local independent store and picking up everything you need under one roof because it's easy - maybe stop. Instead, pull over, pop in and feel good doing so much more than ticking off your to-do list - but know you are supporting a shop keeper, an entrepreneur, a designer, a maker and fuelling the immense talent in our wonderful design industry. 

Find out more about the campaign at Just a card

Thanks as always for all your support,