Fung and bedford wellness centre wall hanging detail
Fung and bedford wellness centre wall hanging work in progress

Wellness Centre Wall Hanging

The owner of a therapeutic Wellness Centre approached us to create a piece of artwork that would bring a sense of calm contemplation to her studio.

We’d already created a bespoke light fitting to flood the space with ambient light but for the wall hanging our client really wanted colour. However, her brief was that it had to be calming.

After searching countless palettes and shades we took inspiration from her beautiful lemon yellow cashmere jumper to create pops of sunshine amidst a sea of subtle greys and watery blues.

This jigsaw puzzle of flocked Tyvek shades was a labour of love to develop and fold, but it resulted in a unique, tactile piece of artwork that our client and her students say adds real value to their space.

If you have a creative project you'd like us to work with you on then please do get in touch and ask about a commission.