Why we now work in colour


Why we now work in colour

After years of being devotees of white, white and more white there has been somewhat of a colour revolution happening here at F+B HQ.

Colour is dominating our work right now and shows no sign of stopping and it's given us cause to consider whether it's going to affect the way we feel about our work too?

After we challenged ourselves with colour flocked materials for the London Craft Week exhibition we realised there was a real joy in using colour in our architectural origami work. Working with vibrant oranges and brilliant blues gave us a real boost, especially when we saw them together - the way they pop, it just makes you feel good. 

colour pop fung and bedford

Colour ignites the possibilities for our installations and we just love the way that different materials react to the light and playfully work with our folds. The colours somehow emphasise the folds and shadows become richer and deeper depending on shade we select. Not only does colour create a deeper aesthetic but it seems to create an animated feel to the pieces we're creating, giving them more life, more vibrancy. They just seem more alive.

We're absolutely drawn to certain colours too, rich warm shades add colour to the grey days we're experiencing here at the moment. So not only do the colours affect our work, but they affect our moods too. 

colour swatches fung and bedford

Client colours

Adding another dimension to our work is using colour combinations. Deciding which hues work well together and discovering how they offset one another is another discovery journey we're currently on. Recently we were asked to create a wall hanging for a client and took inspiration from their colourful Peruvian rug to help give continuity to our piece. So now not only do we look at the environment from a space perspective but also how our work will work within the interior scheme from a colour perspective too,

work in progress fung and bedford

What's next?

By introducing colour into our projects and private commissions we've opened up more possibilities and given our work endless opportunities to develop and surprise.

And although we hold a place in our heart for traditional white Tyvek, we have our colour swatches in hand and you can expect to see more surprising shades in our work soon.  

And just so you know, we've discovered fluorescents now too!

If you have a colourful piece in mind for us why not drop us a line. Send us a note via our contact form and we'll be right back in touch.




Emma DJ