Wellness centre

When the owner of this wellness centre asked us to help her introduce calm to her studio we were happy to respond to her brief.

Bright spotlights were not conducive to calming mediative moments and so we designed and made a Tyvek architectural origami light fitting to diffuse glaring lights and create a more ambient glow.

The design in Tyvek used a Zig-Zag fold to create interesting shadows within the light fitting and had to be carefully executed to fit the precise dimensions for the light and be secured to the ceiling without interfering with the electric cabling above it. We answered this problem by creating a bespoke metal frame for the fitting to surround, using tension wires to keep the Tyvek in position.

To add ambience to the space our client also asked for a wall hanging to compliment the light fitting - you can find out how we responded to that brief here.

If you have a workspace challenge you'd like us to answer then please do get in touch and ask about a commission.