Why hanging around works for us

We recently installed a new commission of our Tyvek architectural origami at a rather swish location in London's West End.

The exciting project location was made all the more interesting for us as we were to suspend the artwork from a ceiling for the first time to create an overhead view of the piece. This gave us new routes to explore, not to mention the challenge of creating secure devices to hang our work. 


Testing was the name of the game as we investigated the best way to hang our work, our ambition was to create something that didn't detract from the clean lines of the artwork but was robust enough to bear the weight of metres of folded Tyvek. Many hours were spent researching and discovering new technical options, followed by days of suspending work in progress from the beams of our studio.  

Thankfully when the big day arrived, Installing the large suspended piece went relatively smoothly. And, after a few measurement adjustments from the great on site team, we were finally let loose on the space. Often the biggest challenge of our installations is not the artwork but the transporting and installing, we're happy to report that our planning and rather compulsive attention to detail paid off and after some small alterations to the suspension components we were able to deftly manoeuvre the installation into its new home at considerable speed. 


Our client was incredibly precise and had impeccable standards for accuracy, which suited the perfectionist in us quite well. So when we learned how happy they were with the result it made all our hours of investigations and testing worthwhile. 

Next up is our challenge to suspend large scale origami panels at the Oxo Tower during London Craft Week. But not content to simply develop our recent hanging success we'll be pushing ourselves with new materials to keep evolving and pushing our creative further. More on that next...